Staff Directory


Photo of Monique Aultman

Mme Monique Aultman


Phone: 780-459-5702

Photo of Michelle Sestito

Mme Michelle Sestito


Office, Library, & Student Services

Photo of Donna Hansen

Mme Donna Hansen

School Office Support

Photo of Natalie Jurick

Mme Natalie Jurick


Photo of Patricia Karl

Mme Patricia Karl

Educational Assistant/Aide Étudiants

Photo of Jean Makowski

Mme Jean Makowski


Photo of Jennifer Saaid

Mme Jennifer Saaid

School Office Support /Finances / Secrétaire

Phone: 780-459-5702


Photo of Michael Biollo

M. Michael Biollo

Photo of Diane Doucet

Mme Diane Doucet

Photo of Sidney Ford

Mlle Sidney Ford

Photo of Carly Fry

Mme Carly Fry

Photo of Tanya Gamester

Mme Tanya Gamester

Photo of Darren Hall

M. Darren Hall

Photo of Steeven Jobin

M. Steeven Jobin

Photo of Natalie Jurick

Mme Natalie Jurick

Photo of Paol Kaptchouang

M. Paol Kaptchouang

placeholder image for Coralynne Keown

Mme Coralynne Keown

Photo of Amanda Said

Mme Amanda Said

Photo of Dreeton Shabani

M. Dreeton Shabani

Photo of Louise Shervey

Mme Louise Shervey

Photo of Mackenzie Thera-Seguin

Mme Mackenzie Thera-Seguin

Photo of Cory Tremblay

Mme Cory Tremblay