ESSMY Dress Code

At ESSMY we encourage our students, staff and guests to dress for success!  We want  everyone to feel comfortable and express their individual nature through their clothing, always keeping in mind that a school is a learning environment.  Our bodies are gifts from God, and should be respected in the way that we dress.  The following guidelines will help all students and staff feel comfortable and maintain a professional and safe environment.

  • Shirts should cover midriff (no more than 1 inch should show)
  • Shorts should be of a reasonable length (approximately mid-thigh)
  • Undergarments should be covered by clothing
  • Clothing or accessories must not have offensive or suggestive slogans/phrases, promote the consumption of tobacco, alcohol or drugs or be a distraction to the learning environment 
  • Footwear must be worn at all times 
  • Running shoes must be worn while participating in physical activities in the gym

If there is a concern by staff regarding a student's attire, staff will address the student discreetly, and if needed contact parents. A student may be asked to change their attire to align with the guidelines above.  


Revised November 5th, 2021