Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaping & Controlled Substances

ESSMY is a healthy environment.  As such, any use or distribution of alcohol, inhalants or any other harmful or illegal substance, including cannabis and tobacco, on school property, as well as, the possession or use of drug paraphernalia or electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited in accordance with our our District Administrative Procedure 355.  If a student is found in breach of this administrative procedure, school administration will cooperate fully with the RCMP (when needed) and the student will face suspension and/or expulsion.


Smoking and Vaping
It is an offence to smoke on public property and The Prevention of Youth Tobacco Act of Alberta states:

  1. No person under the age of 18 years may possess, or
  2. Smoke or otherwise consume tobacco products in a public place.

Vape Pens or ePens are not permitted on school property. 

Students caught smoking and/or vaping or are caught in possession of Vape or ePens will be subject to the school discipline proceedings and/or charges and fines through the RCMP or By-Law Enforcement Officers.

Revised January 25, 2022