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Psychological Coping during a Pandemic

Psychological Coping during a Pandemic  

Pandemics, like COVID-19, challenge the way people cope. During a pandemic, it’s not uncommon to experience strong emotions. Psychology helps us to understand normal responses to abnormal events – this can help students cope. Novel & unfamiliar threats provoke anxiety or even unrealistic fears & racism. Social distancing, effective communication, and public health measures are realistic lines of defence.

 When to seek help …….  

Counsellors are trained to help people find constructive ways of dealing with anxiety & emotional stress. 

  • You feel overwhelming nervousness or lingering sadness adversely affecting you 
  • You notice persistent feelings of distress or hopelessness & you feel like you are barely able to get through your daily responsibilities & activities   
  • Please contact Natalie Jurick, ESSMY Counsellor at

Here are some great resources you can access at home!


Counsellor's Corner

Student services and counselling department offer a variety of information and support regarding post-secondary, career, educational and personal matters. At ESSMY, we have an open-door policy where students can access counselling on an as-need basis. Teachers and parents can also refer students and appointments can be booked in advance. Support is provided for individual and family concerns and referrals to outside agencies can be accessed through the school counsellor. Please contact Natalie Jurick via email, or you may also choose to call her at the school 780-459-5702.


More specific information regarding post-secondary and scholarship material, may be found on the left hand side of the webpage.


Below are some great educational Links. Please click on the underlined title to be redirected to the website.


Tutoring Services are available through the University of Alberta. We recommend you ask for credentials, such as degrees, and references from past clients.


There are many Practice Exams available for students to use as a study aide. Users must sign up, and there is a small fee associated with their service.


Exam Stress? Alberta Health Services has many great articles on how to cope during this stressful time. You'll find practical and helpful tips to get you through the rigours of both Junior High and High School Exams.


Personal and Mental Health Support

Access information regarding substance use, self-harm, or other mental health concerns through this site. Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC), now part of Alberta Health Services, provides excellent information about resources, prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse.


AlbertaQuits Services include helpline, online and group counselling services designed to support all Albertans who have a desire to quit smoking.


Canadian Mental Health Association offers this site to raise awareness of mental health problems that can affect teen lives and to provide practical tools and suggestions to support high school students.


The Family Centre offers a wide range of programs and services to individuals and families including counselling for individuals, couples, families and groups.


Family School Liaison Program (FCSS) is a family centred resource that provides support, counselling and liaison services to individuals and families whose children may be experiencing difficulties either at home or at school.


St.Albert SAIF (Stop Abuse In Families) Society provides education, support and advocacy in the prevention of all forms of violence in relationships.


Mental Health site for Youth Seeking Support.

Organization Guide

Do you have a disorganised student at home? Are you looking for ways to support your student and encourage them to keep on top of their school work? Here is a comprehensive guide to help navigate organisation with your student from Educational Connections, Inc.


Disorganized Student