Homework & Exam Guidelines

We believe that the large majority of ESSMY students work very hard and give the best of themselves during the school day.  It is important that students have the time to relax and pursue other interests during their time out of school.  Homework is a normal part of school life and should follow the guidelines below:


  • Homework is not intended to be ‘extra’ work that is done completely outside of school hours.
  • Learning occurs in a manner that builds from one concept to another.  Learning is a process rather than an event.  
  • Students are to actively participate in their own learning and complete what is required to benefit their education.  Assigned work must be completed in order to be able to be prepared to fully benefit from instruction and maintain the pace of learning within the classroom. 
  • Homework is a continuation of classwork that was not completed during the course of school hours.  Students will have had all instructions to properly complete the tasks independently. 
  • If your student experiences what seems to be an abnormally large amount of homework on a regular basis, please discuss this with their teacher.  This may be an indication that your child requires additional learning support, or it can be a question of time management.  We want to help each student maintain a healthy balance between home and school.


    • Quizzes and Exams are summative assessments that indicate how well a student has mastered the learning outcomes for a specific unit of study.
    • Teachers will provide students with sufficient notice to prepare for summative assessments. 
    • In certain circumstances, teachers may allow or instruct students to rewrite exams and quizzes. 
    • Timing of the rewrite is at the discretion of the classroom teacher and will be determined depending on each individual circumstance.
    • It is the responsibility of each student to make arrangements with their teacher should they be absent for a scheduled quiz or exam.


  • Please make every effort to respect our final exam schedule. When all students write at the same time it preserves the integrity of the exam, and makes it possible for teachers to submit their assessments in time for final reporting to parents and Alberta Education.  


  • Provincial Achievement Tests (for grade 9 students) are scheduled by Alberta Education.

Revised January 25th, 2022