Student Health Services

Student Health Services

At ESSMY, we have some students who have significant health issues that require support at the school level.  We put systems in place to ensure that we are able to respond to student medical needs in a timely manner.  ESSMY follows Administrative Procedure 313 to guide our practice.

1.  Life Threatening Allergies 
Students who have life-threatening allergies are required to fill out an Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan. as well as an Administration of Medical Indemnification and Release.  We ask that epi-pens are kept in the office, where they can be easily accessed in the event of an emergency.  ESSMY staff will ensure that all epi-pens are properly labelled. Students can take their epi-pens with them when they are leaving the school grounds for field trips or physical education activities if it is reasonable to do so.  All ESSMY staff will have yearly training on how to properly administer epi-pens.

2. Administration of Medication
In the event that a student requires assistance in taking medication during the course of the school day, proper arrangements must be made with school staff.  The Authorization for the Administration of Medication form must be filled out and stored at the office.  

3.  If a student has other medical conditions, such as asthma or diabetes, please notify the office and appropriate supports will be put in place.  

Individual Care Plan Template for Students with Type 1 Diabetes