Cellular Phones

Cell phones are a part of daily life!  We understand that your child will most likely have a cell phone at school, and ask that in order to minimize distractions in the classroom, they follow the guidelines below:

  • No cell phone use during class time.
  • Cell phones are to remain in lockers except during lunch hour and scheduled breaks.
  • At times, teachers will explicitly ask students to bring their phones into class.  Only at those times can students do so.
  • If cell phones are brought into the classroom at an unauthorized time, they will be confiscated by the classroom teacher, labeled with their name and given to school administration to be returned to the student at the end of the day in the main school office.

After three incidents, the school administration will require parents to come to the school and the parents will then be given the cell phone that had been confiscated.  


Revised January 25, 2022