Cellular Phones

Cell phones are a part of daily life!  We understand that your child will most likely have a cell phone at school, however, the classroom is for instructional purposes only and NOT for social networking. 

Cell phones are a distraction during instruction and can compromise the integrity of assessments.  While we understand parental concerns relating to student safety, student are not always using proper discretion when choosing "when" and "how" to use their phones.  To help safeguard the integrity of our curriculum and the privacy of our staff and student body, as well as to help students remain focused during instruction in order to increase their academic success, we ask that students and parents adhere to the following guidelines below:  and ask that in order to minimize distractions in the classroom, they follow the guidelines below:

  1. Cell phones/wireless devices may be used at school, HOWEVER, they may only be used before school, during breaks,(recess and lunch hour)  and after school.
  2. Students MUST turn off their phones/wireless devices and store them in their locker,  backpack or pouches provided in the classroom upon entering.
    1. Students found using their phones/wireless device  in class or during instructional periods will be asked to hand their phones over to a teacher or to administration. Parents will be notified and students will be expected to keep their phones at home or turn them into the office each morning for the remainder of a week. 
    2. Parents are asked NOT to text or phone students during class time. For emergency purposes, parents may contact the school office and students may use the office phone.
    3. Please note that the security of these devices is the responsibility of the students and is NOT the responsibility of Teachers or Administration. If you are worried about the security of your phone, please leave it in your locker or at home.

Revised March 15,2024